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shall I compare thee to a summer's day?

thou art more lovely, and more temperate.

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Well, if you read this profile recently, please ignore the stupid roleplaying info I'd had here. In reality, I'm a pretty hipster kid who wears her fair share of plaid, handknits, and an odd mix of trendy and conservative clothes. I say this because it describes my erratic personality. I'm a big fan of writing (obviously) both fanfic and original, as well as scriptwriting. I also have my fair share of neuroses - a lot of obsessive/compulsive stuff that is just bad enough to be irksome but not nearly enough to be an actual problem, some paranoia, moderate/severe body image issues, and several stupid phobias that are actually pretty severe. I'M ALL FUCKED UP IN THE HEAD AND SHIT. And no, it's not just stupid teenage stuff. But yeah. So if that ever shows up in my writing, you know why.