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 The fic, not the process.

But yeah! I wrote a song inspired by ratherastory's Fusion verse of fanfiction. If you haven't read it, go read it! Now! (I couldn't get the link to work properly, but head on over to It's an amazing verse, with fantastic plot, characterization that would make Gamble weep, and the most stellar imagery and dialogue I've seen in a fic that massive (and massively awesome!)
I wrote this song, and people seem to like it. Here is the clean version, no explanation or anything. If you want more info about the song and the process, poke over to my YouTube page and check the video uploaded right before this one for a seven-minute blather fest which might be informative, if you like that sort of thing. I do like that recording a little better, song-wise, so there's that.
The lyrics are as follows (with no capitalization because, well, that's how I wrote it when I first wrote them:
we get around
we find a way
turn one time
to face one more day
we get lost 
and we lose our balance here
and yet the path
is crystal clear like ice

walk down this lonely road
one step behind the sun
put your feet beside mine
ignoring everyone
but you and me
as we smile at the exploding galaxy
the wind blows down the road
we do not bend
mem'ries fade slowly after the end
we twist on broken limbs
and run toward shattered stars
our eyes wide open
staring a thousand years away
the clock ticks slowly
the rain falls down
and we are shaking
on solid ground
the night is dark and cold
but we will never know
we get around
we find our home
turn one more time and we're
no longer all alone
we twist on broken limbs
and run toward shattered days
pour your heart into mine
and everything'll be okay
(repeat above verse)

I actually wrote this song a while back, and only just got around to recording it, because I was tweaking some chords and fingering patterns and being lazy. I thus don't quite remember exactly how I wrote it. I sat in front of a blank Google Docs, with my guitar on my lap, strumming out random chords as I reread Fusion. Eventually, I played a chord that sounded really quirky and unfulfilled, and found a good progression to go with it. The lyrics were actually the easiest part, because, while I didn't pull any words directly out of the fic (on purpose) I was really struck by a lot of images, and all of a sudden I had this abstract movie running through my head that was half shapes and images, and half words. ... that sounds crazy. All I can say is that these images came into my head, and I've never had a problem writing in meter or verse with good rhythm. 
I purposefully interspersed positive and negative ideas in with each other, rather than giving some sort of positive progression, because that's a lot of what I got out of the stories of Fusion -- Sam gets better, Sam gets worse, and no matter where he goes, Dean goes with him. They will always be at each others' sides, no matter what. Always. I have always found that part of the fic to be one of the most striking, because their relationship is exaggerated in its closeness compared to Show, and they're pretty damn close there (in their good moments). It's so beautiful. Yet another reason why I adore ratherastory .
The response to this song has been ... mind-blowing to say the least. (Here's where I get a little verklempt.) Music is one of my great passions in life, and guitar playing & writing have devoured a lot of my attention over the past few months. Even one person liking this song even a little bit baffles me a little bit, since I hear so many better guitarists, vocalists, and writers every day of my life -- I wonder why you bother listening to my stuff. Seeing a bunch of people who have a bunch of positive feedback is not only something to which I am not accustomed, it's something that brings a tear to my eye. I'm so glad you all liked it, especially ratherastory, for whom it was intended. To know that anyone is remotely emotionally affected by anything that I do is just amazing.
I love you guys.
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